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Amazing Rakhi gifts for brother and Sister

Out of 365 days of the year, there are some very special days. Most avid day of the year since childhood is Rakhi. Why Rakhi is special? There are a number of myths and stories about Rakshabandhan. It is believed that before the epic battle of Mahabharat, Draupadi tied a piece of her cloth on Krishna’s hand once he hurt his finger while setting off his sudarshan chakra against evil king Shishupalal who had insulted the Krishna over hundred times. As Krishna’s slashed finger bled, Draupadi tore a bit from her dress and tied it around Krishna’s hand. Krishna reciprocally vowed to protect Draupadi

Gifts for her and gifts for him

Make the day special with amazing gifts for her or gifts for him!

Out of the thousands days in life, some are relived and enjoyed throughout. But those days are created with special efforts. Like the special effects in movie, they need extra care and attention. Moreover, gifts are the best things that create a long lasting impact and memorable memories. So, to make the day special, get some gifts for him or gifts for her and create a surprise. Sounds easy? Nope. Wait, You have to care

gifts for her

Gifts for her – Gifts for him; Amazing gifts for friends

On some special occasions, we want to make her or him feel special. We want to show our love and affection. We understand  your emotions and therefore some amazing range of personalized gifts with prices like under 100 are waiting. Gifts for her or Gifts for him, we have amazing gifts for friends under very low prices. Do you know what makes a gift memorable? A touch of love and  essence. And we know how