Festive Season is on his way to lighten up memories of past. Rakhi, Dusshera, Deepali and then Christmas are lined up to shine. Moreover, without gifts, it is impossible to imagine these festivals. So, we have affordable and amazing gifts from store of Khatte Meethe Desires. Before going towards the best of gifts, we would know the amazement of These festivals.

Festive Season includes these major days!

  1. Rakhi: A day for sisters. This signifies the special bond between Brother and Sister. We have gifts like personalized frames, personalized candles and many more to make the day adorable.
  2. Janmashtmi: Just after a week, it hits the streets and released spirit of joy and enjoyment among all. Celebrating the birth of Krishna, everyone want to decorate the home. We have beautiful pieces to scintillate the birth of Lord.
  3. Dusshehra : It begins a series of Celebration for the Victory of Lord Rama over Raavana. Burning the Big Statue of Raavana made with firecrackers is central event of the day. Though, the celebrations are carried out till late night.
  4. Diwali : The one and all awaited festival is here. Biggest of this Festive season, Diwali is celebrated in two days. With new clothes and new ornaments, new energy and new hopes in this festival of lights are produced.
  5. Christmas: Year is to end but with a blasting memories to give. Most awaited day of Christian, the best of festive season, is here and Santa has gifts. But not everyone gets all those gifts! Make Khatte Meethe Desires your destination


Now, let’s roll to the best of what we have for you!

  • Christmas Tree:                                     Christmas Tree in festive season                                                       The one starer gift in the December, a portable christmas tree which can bring the festive air with it anywhere. Fabric made tree with pure natural elements. Moreover,
  • Jesus Candle:                                     gift for parents                                                                                                                                                                                          To make the festive day more special, here are the candles printed with Jesus. This will make the festival even more holistic, with such uniqueness, your place would be the attraction.
  • Photobox:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Very common gifts for this Raksha Bandhan are out in the market but all are same. Here is one Exploding Photobox with tons of memories. Brother and Sister shares a fascinating bond, living together, cherishing every moment, fighting and loving each other. Remembering these memories is the best gift you can give this Rakhi.
  • Heart Jar:                                            Gift for parents                                                                                                                                                                                           Mythologically, Lord Rama is present in heart of Hanuman, greatest of his devotee. Get This Amazing Heart jar, a vintage lamp to welcome the festival of light. Lighting your worship table with this lamp would be adorable.
  • Notebook Diaries:                                      Gift for parents                                                                                                                                                                                          Most of the religious people prefer some writings and readings these days. They also begin writing holy names repeatedly. Moreover, New year comes with lot of resolutions, you can note it down with these personalized diaries


Let’s make the upcoming weeks full of loads of memories, fascinating moments, and all wrapped in gifts of joy. Gifts are gateway for happiness especially when paved with a surprise. Khatte Meethe Desires has got solution for your every gifting quest. Visit here to find the best for you.